Pontoon Provider was called to urgently assist an existing client with the recovery of 49 Ekkie Mats (weighing 1.6 tonnes each) that were scattered in a coastal area after a storm. The 49 Ekki Mats were lying in a two mile radius across the shore and bay area. This was a high priority job due the nature of the Ekki Mats being a hazard to water-users and the environment, not to mention a significant loss of time and money to our client.

Works Overview: Pontoon Provider was contracted by a Local Council to supply safe access and egress to the underside of bridges for a series of intricate inspections.

Works overview: Pontoon Provider was asked to supply floating access for bridge repairs and painting.

Works Overview: Pontoon Provider was tasked to supply a movable, floating workforce access to an inaccessible brick wall on a user-friendly, public access river.