Works over view: Pontoon Provider were asked to supply floating access for bridge repairs and painting.

Challenges faced:

  • - Night work for building.
    - Road closures
    - Bridge running at 45degrees to bank edge.
    - Steep bank edges.

What we did for them:

-Initial site visit to establish all known areas of work.
-We supplied a 250m2 pontoon to cover the entire underside of the bridge. Benefiting our client in many ways.
-Also creating a walk on - walk off system. This gave the painters safe access on to the pontoon with no time lost ferrying materials and labour to the pontoon.

Results our client accomplished by Pontoon Provider working for them:

As a result the project was a complete success. The underside of the bridge being painted in good time. The SIMPLE and SAFE access meant a saving of 32 hrs transfer time from the bank to the underside of the bridge.


Equipment used:

  • - Rear mounted Hi-ab wagon with crane attachment
    - 250 Meter Square of CUBISYSTEM
    - 1no. 6m gangway
    - Edge protection
    - 2no. Operatives