Pontoon Provider were asked if we could help our existing client recover 49 Ekkie matts weighing 1.6 tonnes each. The matts were scattered up to two miles across the shore and bay area. This was a high priority job due the nature of the matts being a hazard to water users and the environment.

Challenges faced:

  • - Lifting 1.6 T of matt each
  • -Tidal range of 4.5m
  • -Working in a very remote and harsh location where the tide can go out for over 1 mile.
  • -Access to the water direct from the sea wall for for 1 hour at high tide.
  • -Lifting a total of 78.4 Tonne.
  • -Very choppy water close to the shore
  • -Transferring the matts to the shore line where it is very choppy enabling a large excavator to lift them over the sea wall.
  • -SSSI site.

What we did for them:

We formulated a plan based on the tidal range for lifting the matts. Followed by locating each matt on the river bed using GPS.

With our CUBISYSTEM and two shallow drafted support boats we were able to lift the matts using the tide to our advantage. Managing to recover all known matts over an 8 day period.

Results our client accomplished by Pontoon Provider working for them:

This was a huge success for our client as it cleared the river bed from all the debris stopping the impact on the environment. Along with saving our client in the region of £50k for loss and damages to the matts alone.

Equipment used:

  • -4X4 Truck and trailer to deliver equipment to location.
  • -25 Meter Square of CUBISYSTEM
  • -Rigiflex coupled with a 15hp
  • -4m SIB coupled with a 30hp.
  • -Operatives