Pontoon Provider was called to urgently assist an existing client with the recovery of 49 Ekkie Mats (weighing 1.6 tonnes each) that were scattered in a coastal area after a storm. The 49 Ekki Mats were lying in a two mile radius across the shore and bay area. This was a high priority job due the nature of the Ekki Mats being a hazard to water-users and the environment, not to mention a significant loss of time and money to our client.

Challenges faced:

  • - Lifting each 1.6 tonne Ekki Mat, storing a total of 78.4 tonnes on a movable recovery platform and transporting them to shore
  • - Site tidal range of 4.5m
  • - Working in a very remote and harsh location where the tide recedes over 1 mile.
  • - Access to the water directly from the seawall with a 1 hour window at high tide.
  • - Very choppy water close to the shoreline.
  • - Transferring the Ekki Mats to the shore (where it was very choppy) enabling a large excavator to lift them over the sea wall.
  • - SSSI site.

What we did:

Pontoon Provider formulated a strategy based on the tidal range for lifting the Ekki Mats. We located each Mat on the riverbed using GPS. We designed and built CUBISYSTEM platforms and used these along with two shallow-drafted support boats to aid the recovery project. Using the tide to our advantage, Pontoon Provider successfully recovered all 49 Mats over an 8 day period.


Despite harsh environmental conditions and the urgency of the job, this project was a huge success. We cleared the river bed from all the debris stopping the impact on the environment along with saving our client approximately £50k for loss and damages to the mats alone.

Equipment used:

  • - 4X4 Truck and trailer to deliver equipment to location.
  • - 25 Square metres CUBISYSTEM Pontoons.
  • - Rigiflex vessel coupled with a 15hp engine.
  • - 4m SIB vessel coupled with a 30hp engine.
  • - RYA Certified Operatives

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