Pontoon Provider is unrivaled when it comes to marine construction pontoons for bridge contracts, so we were keen as mustard when we were asked to support the demolition and re-construction of a steel beam canal bridge. 

work boat hire

Our Work boats have been busy supporting the Pontoon works on site. A work boat hire can assist with many tasks including transporting operatives to and from a work site, Safety boat work and moving pontoons in to location swell as transfer barges.

bridge inspection

Pontoon Provider offers comprehensive turnkey support for all your Bridge Inspection requirements.

Our comprehensive packages dot all the i’s, and cross all the t’s!

Pontoon Provider excels when it comes to tackling challenging marine access solutions and we pride ourselves in supplying an all-inclusive, turnkey, pontoon hire service. 

We have recently installed a floating pontoon to assist in safe and easy access for a water feature installation on the river Stour. This floating pontoon is 2m wide around the perimeter allowing a safe working platform. Coupled with our safe edge protection it creates a very solid and safe floating pontoon to work from.

To hire a pontoon form us is a no nonsense, cost effective solution. Supplying floating pontoon hire for a wide range of services such as Bridge inspections and floating work platforms right up to 270ton capacity steel modular pontoons for piling and dredging works. We have a Pontoon hire solution to float your needs.

work boat hire

To tackle those hard to reach places, difficult launch sites and those projects that require heavy use with quick A to B access requirements, Pontoon Provider has just invested in a 4.2 metre safety boat. This safety boat is easy to manoeuvre - both on-water and on-land. When it’s trailered, project sites are easily navigated to along footpaths and bank edges, enabling a wide range of launch opportunities. Our 4.2m rib is fully certified and can carry up to seven passengers including the operator or it can be utalised to transfer equipment. Coupled with a fast response outboard engine, we are looking forward to championing your next safety boat/ floating pontoon project. 

Pontoon Provider is the UK nominated supplier of CUBISYSTEM© modular floating pontoons and we have just received delivery of over 300 units ready for hire.