Our comprehensive packages dot all the i’s, and cross all the t’s!

Pontoon Provider excels when it comes to tackling challenging marine access solutions and we pride ourselves in supplying an all-inclusive, turnkey, pontoon hire service. 

Recently we were asked to supply a floating pontoon for a historic pump station maintenance contract. Pontoon Provider begins each project with a site visit, and we relish hurdling a challenge - this one didn’t disappoint. Here is a list of the project’s criteria:

  • Sensitive historic pump station underwater repairs.
  • A low weight restriction on the site entry.
  • Removal of silt and rubble from the front of the pump station to expose a penstock for maintenance. 
  • A very limited access. 
  • A 6m dig depth was required in a confined work space. 
  • Loading, assembling and tracking an excavator onto a pontoon platform then moving the modular pontoon into position with our helmed workboat in a restricted space. 
  • Offloading, removing an excavator, workboat and disassembling pontoons in a restricted space.

To accommodate the rigours of this project, we specified our hard working, heavy duty NATO float modular pontoon hire package coupled with a long-reach excavator. 

Design and stability calculations were drawn up by Pontoon Provider specifying a 12m x 8m NATO float pontoon capable of withstanding the strain of a loaded, long reach excavator’s movement: dredging, turning, lifting and offloading. This working pontoon was delivered complete with: timber ekki matts, J-safe edging protection and 8m spud legs. To supplement this modular steel pontoon, our hire package included a long-reach excavator as well as one of our helmed workboats for project support. 

The historic pumping station project turnaround was a triumphant 5 days, on time, on budget result and an exuberantly happy client!