Pontoon Provider is unrivaled when it comes to marine construction pontoons for bridge contracts, so we were keen as mustard when we were asked to support the demolition and re-construction of a steel beam canal bridge. 

In our site visit, it was clear that our client wanted a drive-on working pontoon to support the removal of debris arising from the old concrete that was fixed between the bridge’s steel beams as well as support with the bridge re-construction. And with a 3m drop from the road level to the water level, we needed to plan for a lot of on-off, loaded digger traffic.  

With the stipulation that absolutely no demolition waste could enter the water and the precondition for a bold as brass modular pontoon hire, Pontoon Provider designed a 50m x 3m heavy duty Cubisystem working pontoon platform that would fit nicely under the bridge. This floating pontoon hire package included stability calculations specifying a 12 tonne connection strength with a 380 kg per square metre buoyancy in a single layer, capable of tolerating the heavily loaded digger traffic. Our working pontoon hire packages include all the bells and whistles, so this pontoon hire came complete with our J-safe edging and encapsulation tarpaulins to catch all of the loose debris.

The project turnaround was an outstanding three weeks and as always, we finished on time and on budget, resulting in a client who was so satisfied we were awarded another 2 contracts!