Pontoon Provider is the UK nominated supplier of CUBISYSTEM© modular floating pontoons and we have just received delivery of over 300 units ready for hire. 

Cubisystemʼs innovative floating pontoon solutions set the highest attainable industry standard - worldwide. Cubisystem represents unparalleled accountability and an outstanding cost-effective product, enabling a premium result from the simplest project to the most diverse or dynamically ambitious. This cost-effective modular floating pontoon is fabricated from only the highest performing HDPE. CUBISYSTEM© is certified ISO 9001 and complies with the new European standards.

This cost-effective modular CUBISYSTEM© is also certified by the Bureau Veritas and conforms to the Qualisport standard. The CUBISYSTEM© line does not pollute, is environmentally friendly, a GREEN Product, sustainable and 100% recyclable.

A great product and we are excited to accommodate all of your contract support requirements: Bridges, Walkways, Gangways, Platforms, Stages and Scaffolding - the sky’s the limit!