Floating Platforms

Demonstrating excellence, our platforms perform. Pontoon Provider design, supply, build and manage from one to multiple floating areas guaranteeing effective, fully usable work space(s) at all times. With our large range of stock and equipment on premises, multi-use, heavy use and difficult locations can be tackled. Accessories like timber decks for aesthetics and Ekkie mats for heavy use and machinery complete your package meeting the latest industry standards. Long or short term hire - we look forward to hearing from you.


Floating Platform Usage Examples:

• Commercial - Accommodating Working Machinery or Transporting Machinery
• Dredging Support
• Surveying Support
• Drilling Support
• Bridge Construction and Inspections
• Event and Stunt Stages
• Floating Marquee
Floating Pontoon


Pontoon Hire Shortlist Pontoon Products, Accessories and Support Equipment:

• Steel Nato Float Modular Sections
• Steel Uni Float Modular Sections.
• Cubisystem Heavy Duty Modular Plastic Cubes
• Edge Protection
• Railings
• Spud Legs
• Walkways & Gagways
• EKKI Mats
• Mooring Equipment
Safety Boat Hire
• Work Boats