Floating Stages

Design that exceeds the bounds of possibility - grand productions or excessive foot-fall - we absolutely love these projects. With our large range of equipment Pontoon Provider supply Floating Stages for a variety of jobs. We use our modular pontoons to create single or multiple stages specifically to meet your desired expectation. Pontoon Provider’s Floating Stages are a safe and easy solution for on-water access and work spaces and they all come with compliant edge protection. Pontoon Provider’s Floating Stages are easily installed, usually within a day, keeping installation costs to a minimum. And with accessories like bespoke accessways, timber decking for aesthetics or a steel top and Ekkie mats for heavy use, go on then - let your vision run rampant!

floating stagesFloating Stage Examples:

  • Floating Pedestrian Walkways, Accessways, Entry and Exit
  • Floating Foot Path
  • Floating Bridge(s) for Multiple Footfall, Equipment or Machinery to Track Across
  • Floating Bypass
  • Stage and Lighting Platforms
  • Audience Seating

Pontoon Hire Shortlist Pontoons, Accessories and Support Equipment:

  • Steel Uni Float Modular Sections
  • Steel Nato Float Modular Sections
  • Cubisystem Heavy Duty Modular Plastic Cubes
  • Edge Protection
  • Spud Legs
  • EKKI Mats
  • Handrails
  • Mooring equipment
  • Safety Boats
  • Work Boats