Film and TV Stunt and Staging

Free Runner Filming? Producing a James Bond - XXX moment? Breaking into the competition with a Brand opportunity? With our extensive range of pontoon products for hire, we cater for the UK’s film and video staging on-water support. Our in-depth knowledge of the water promises you are hiring exacting standards and reliable equipment. Our delivery vehicles are able to access some of the country’s most remote locations and with the addition of hi-ab assisted lorries, larger projects are transported without fail. Go on then, dream that dream - anything is possible, just ask.

floating walkwaysStaging Examples:

  • Floating Lighting Rigs
  • Filming Platforms
  • Stunt Support
  • Jetty
  • Bespoke Walkways and Gangways
  • Staging Platforms
  • Working Pontoons for Set Dressing
  • Working Pontoons for Set Support Equipment/Vehicles
  • Bridging for Camera Work
  • Helipads

Hire Shortlist Pontoons, Accessories and Support Equipment:

  • Steel Uni Float Modular Sections
  • Steel Nato Float Modular Sections.
  • Cubisystem Heavy Duty Modular Plastic Cubes
  • Edge Protection
  • Spud Legs
  • EKKI Mats
  • Mooring Equipment
  • Safety Boats
  • Work Boats