Works Overview: Pontoon Provider was contracted by a Local Council to supply safe access and egress to the underside of bridges for a series of intricate inspections.

Challenges faced:

  • - Height restrictions on some bridges.
  • - Remote access.

What we did:

  • - Initial site visit to establish all nuances of the job.
  • - Mobilised our Rigiflex vessel for all low draft bridges.
  • - Designed and built Cubisystem Platforms with a tower scaffolding to reach up to 3 meters.
  • - Platforms and equipment installed and derigged within one working day.
  • - Positioned equipment wherever necessary (precise locations) to assist the bridge inspectors.


Being flexible and having access to a portfolio of equipment, Pontoon Provider was able to facilitate the clients’ every need. Our on-water specialists moved pontoons and boats to precise locations enabling efficient surveying. Pontoon Provider’s rapid installation and de-rig operations meant that our client could perform all tasks within a tight timeframe of 6 hours.


Equipment used:

  • - 36 square meters of CUBISYSTEM Pontoons.
  • - Edge protection.
  • - 1 Rigiflex Vessel equipped with a 15hp engine.
  • - 2 RYA Certified Operatives.
  • - 1 Van with a trailer.



Floating Bridge Inspections

Are you in need of a floating bridge inspection service? We are here to help! Our pontoon bridge inspection service is second to none, our fully trained staff are capable of quickly establishing whether your pontoon if safe or not. We can also rectify any issues spotted. Better yet utilise one of our own pontoons which are fully delivered, installed and maintained by us. 

Floating Pontoon System

The floating pontoon system we utilise is completely safe, secure and most importantly of all will keep you dry! 

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