Commerical Rescue Boat Hire Service

We are capable of supplying you with a range of rescue boats for hire, this a service which is typically used by clients who are carrying out work over water. Our range contains boats suitable for most conditions, are well maintained, and most importantly will keep you safe and dry. We are able to respond quickly if a boat is required at short notice, no matter where you are, this is a nationwide service. All of our boats come trailered, meaning they are quick to deploy even when access may be constricted. 


We are capable of supplying the boat manned with a trained crew, if required. We have a fleet of boats available which range from small to large in size. All of our boats undertake rigorous safety testing and maintenance. Boats we provide are coded and licensed for the relevant waters you will be utilising them for. Operators / accompanying crew members all hold their RYA licensing. Contract lengths are flexible, whether you're aiming to hire a boat for 1 day or one year we can oblige. Full insurance coverage for all of our boats. 

Suitable for:

Inland water / Rivers / Coastal Operations / More

Perfect for carrying out marine construction, water based engineering, access over water whilst most importantly keeping you dry!

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