work boat hire

To tackle those hard to reach places, difficult launch sites and those projects that require heavy use with quick A to B access requirements, Pontoon Provider has just invested in a 4.2 metre safety boat. This safety boat is easy to manoeuvre - both on-water and on-land. When it’s trailered, project sites are easily navigated to along footpaths and bank edges, enabling a wide range of launch opportunities. Our 4.2m rib is fully certified and can carry up to seven passengers including the operator or it can be utalised to transfer equipment. Coupled with a fast response outboard engine, we are looking forward to championing your next safety boat/ floating pontoon project. 

And because we are so delighted with our rigiflex safety boats, to accompany our growing fleet, Pontoon Provider introduces yet another hard working rigiflex! This safety boat ticks all the boxes and comes complete with a 15hp Suzuki engine that will take on the ‘alongside’ strains of the job with ease.

So when you are contemplating your floating pontoon project logistics, you can rely on Pontoon Provider to supply all the kit you need.