As we specialise in safe work on water it is only right we provide the correct level of safety to our clients. Our safety and work boats are coded/ licensed and ready for the water course you will be working on. Available as bare boat hire or with our RYA qualified Operators nationwide. With hire ranging from only a few hours to long term contracts. We are beside you every step of your contract. We have a range of vessels available to suitable every need. To discuss your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Safety boats - Landing craft - Rigid Inflatable Boat - Work boats - Tugs - Powered Pontoon system

Available for Inland water - Rivers - Coastal Operations.

  • Coded and licensed for the relevant waters.
  • Available bare boat or operated
  • Operators have RYA Licensing
  • Nationwide on any body of water.
  • A boat for every job.
  • 1 DAY or long term hire available.
  • Easy to mobilise to site.
  • Full Insurance.
  • Available for inland, river and coastal operations.
  • Turn key solution

At Pontoon Provider our support boats are road transportable and supplied either with certified crew or as a bareboat hire (subject to qualification). Delivery of our support boats comes complete with the equipment you need to accomplish your job including:

  • First Aid Kit
  • Anchor(s)
  • Paddle(s)
  • Lights
  • Safety Kit
  • Lifejackets
  • VHF

If you are unsure of the type of support boat you might require or just want to know availability and more about our support boat options, please have a chat with one of the team - we will definitely be able to provide a solution with the gear you will require for your on-water project. We will happily advise you of the right boat and the specific equipment needed for the situation your hire may combat.

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Here’s our fleet:



Pontoon Provider’s Rigiflex New Matic 360 support boats are tiller operational, durable and stable - perfect for safety work and a great asset to our fleet. Comfortable in any situation, the New Matic 360 likes the difficult jobs. Carrying up to 6 people and designed for intensive use, this Rigiflex is ideally suited for any Professional, Commercial or Leisure project.

The New Matic 360 is competent in inshore and coastal conditions as well as on rivers and lakes. Well equipped, this support boat adapts itself easily to any on-water conditions. Plus our Rigiflex boats are PLA (Port of London Authority) licenced to work independently on the Thames.

Pontoon Provider’s New Matic 360 support boats are multi purpose and used by:

  • Marine Construction
  • Wind Farm Support
  • Environment Agency
  • Water Authorities
  • Harbour Masters
  • RYA Sailing Schools
  • HM Armed Services
  • Fisheries
  • Fire Brigades
  • Event and Film Projects

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Pontoon Provider’s Vallent 5.2 metre rib has a consul driven outboard engine. This practical support boat is able to carry up to 5 people and is perfect for non-categorised waters, lakes, inland canals and waterways. Our Valent 5.2 is easily maneuverable, comfortable, dry and has strong towing power.

The Vallent 5.2 is a fantastic craft for:

  • Standby Boat
  • Event and Film Projects
  • Inland Safety Cover
  • Inland Surveys
  • Tender for Larger Craft

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Pontoon Provider’s Ribtec 7.5 metre is our workhorse on-water. This multi-use vessel has a consul driven 160HP inboard diesel engine able to cope with weight and extreme conditions making these support boats fantastic for projects in coastal, offshore or large expanse of water situations. Our Ribtec 7.5 support boat is extremely maneuverable and comfortable in demanding spaces. The Ribtec 7.5 will easily create a stable platform for any kind of work. And the Ribtec 7.5 has a spacious open fordeck for on-the-job equipment you may need to transport.

Pontoon Provider’s Ribtec 7.5 comes fully kitted out with all the gear you need including:

  • Navigation System
  • GPS
  • Depth Feed
  • VHF
  • Life Raft
  • Nav Lights

Our Ribtec 7.5 is suitable for a broad range of applications:

  • Safety Boat
  • Dive Boat
  • Survey Boat
  • Standby Boat
  • Commercial Workboat
  • Crew Transfer Boat

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