Works over view: Pontoon Provider were tasked to supply floating access to a brick wall.

Challenges faced:

  • - To leave enough of the navigable river free for river users whilst maintaining safe access on the working platform.

    - Movable sections of working area.
    - Limited installation area.
    - A curved wall, meaning we had to shape the pontoon around the corner to stop the debris from falling in the river.

What we did for them:

-Initial site visit to establish all known areas of work.
-Install mooring eyes on the wall face for secure mooring
-Signed and Buoyed zone perimeter on water to make the water course safe for river users.
-Light pontoon at night to make sure the pontoon could be seen by river users.
-Movable working platform for easy access.
- Install a 50m x 2m floating walkway to the working site for safe and simple access.

Results our client accomplished by Pontoon Provider working for them:

As a result the works were completed on time and budget in the Autumn ensuring all work could be completed with good air temperature. The 50m x 2m floating walkway played a huge part of this. Enabling safe and efficient access for all manner of tools and scaffolding to the works area.


Equipment used:

  • - Rear mounted Hi-ab wagon
    - 150 Meter Square of CUBISYSTEM
    - 1no. Rigiflex coupled with a 15hp
    - 2no. Operatives