Here at Pontoon Providers offer a hire and sales service for floating pontoons which can be used for various applications. If you are Interested In A Flat-Top Platform, Bridge, Gangway Or Something More Spectacular? We Have Your Ideal Floating Pontoon For Hire or Purchase. Floating Pontoons are rising in popularity commonly being utilised as a solution for carrying out work overwater, access solutions and much more.


Why a Floating Pontoon?

Floating pontoons are now recognised as one of the more desirable and safer ways of carrying out work overwater. They are also often utilised for events due to their quick to install and removal with no mess or remnants, the perfect temporary solution. We offer a discreet, effective, stress free service. 

Hire a Floating Pontoon

If you are interested in a floating pontoon please feel free to contact us for sales and enquiries.

We also offer a supplementary work boat hire service. Ensure you work wafely over water, and most importantly remain dry. All boats are available stand alone or with an accompanying trained crew. 

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