Floating Pontoon Platform

Our experienced team comprised of specialists design, supply, construct, manage and even remove floating pontoons for you once you are finished with them. All you have to do is contact us and provide your requirements, leave the hard work to us. We can shape pontoons to fit the contours of any obstructions you may have to work around, minimising the risk of slips and trips whilst keeping you dry.

To hire a pontoon form us is a quick and easy process, leading to a cost effective solution. We Supplying pontoons for a wide range of services such as Bridge inspections and floating work platforms sizing right up to 270 ton weight baring  steel modular pontoons suited for piling and dredging works. 

We supply floating pontoons for a wide range of sectors and uses including; commercial, domestic, events and much more. Contact us to book yours today on: 01206 382317 or 07530 838766.


What is a floating pontoon Platform?

Our floating pontoon platforms utilise a Cubisystem, we are proud to be the UK's accredited supplier of this system. The Cubisystem is very diverse and highly regarded wordlwide, the cubic nature allows for us to provide a floating pontoon platform which will be a cost effective and perfect fit for your use. Best of all they are safe!

The price of floating pontoon hire will vary from one project to the next and is dependent upon several factors such as;

Will we be installing the floating pontoon?

Will you require anyone to supervise the pontoon?

Typical Floating Pontoon Platform Uses

Uses can be expected to vary from project to project, typically we supply walkways, docks, pools and much more to cater for all your floating pontoon hire needs. No matter how unique your requirements we guarantee to have the equipment to provide the perfect solution to keep you afloat.

Other use examples:

  • Commercial Floating Pontoon Platform- Accommodating Working With Heavy Machinery
  • Dredging Support
  • Surveying Support
  • Drilling Support
  • Bridge Inspections
  • Event and Stunt Stages
  • Floating Pontoon Marquee

If required we are capable of providing a safety boat hire service, along with a fully trained crew.

Contact us to book & discuss your floating pontoon platform requirements today to receive a no obligation quotation.

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