Floating work platform for hire

Sometimes work needs to be carried out over water, we offer the perfect solution for completing the work salfey, floating work platform hire. Our platforms utilise a cubisystem which is very diverse enabling you to adjoin cubes together forming the perfect work platform for even the most unusually contoured of situations.


Floating Work Platform hire uses

There's a vast range of uses for floating work platforms. Typically they are utilised as anything from completing surveying work over water or even anything as large scale as a platform to place scaffolding and other large structures.



With the surprisingly high loading bearing support a floating work platform has to offer they are used for all sorts of applications. Often used for a safe base for bridge repairs, Floating Bridge Inspections, surveying, piers, water defences or floating access. People are often surprised by how stable pontoons are even under the most undesirable weather conditions they will keep you dry.

Interested in hiring a floating platform?

Please feel free to contact us regarding floating work platform hire on 01206 382317 / 07530 838766