Workboat Provider is dedicated to excellence in championing your marine based activities by supplying competent on-water project support. We pride ourselves in maintaining work boat hire services for a range of commercial and leisure projects - perfect for clients who need dependable, robust and safe workboat hire support on marine construction, river and coastal projects in and around the UK.

Our fleet of vessels contains work boat hire and safety boat hire packages to accommodate most weather and environmental conditions. All workboat hire and safety boat hire packages are delivered nationwide, to your site: reliably maintained, full of fuel, complete with the up-to-date licensing and extra ancillary equipment required, ready for achieving an admirable job well done.

Work boat hire and Safety & Support Boat hire packages are suitable for:

  • Inland Water / Rivers / Coastal Operations
  • Domestic and Commercial Support
  • Survey Support
  • Event Support
  • Film Support
  • Transporting people and equipment
  • Corporate days
  • Environmental project support

For more details or a free quotation and to book your work boat hire package today have a look through our website: